The window display at Patisserie Fur Elise, Vancouver, BC, Canada, hints at the luxurious high tea in the charming Queen Anne House (built in1 893) tucked into Yaletown.

By Cathalynn Cindy Labonte-Smith

Welcome Writers & Readers

Welcome to our blog, where Jeff Hortobagyi and myself will share our treasured cafes and teahouses of the world, that we’ve found inspirational and friendly to writers. We run on caffeine, people-watching and eavesdropping, as most writers do, so we’re self-proclaimed experts on caffeinated beverages and the places they’re served in. Between the two of us, Jeff and I have over 60 years of professional writing and editing experience. Indeed, we met through a professional writing association.

Recently, we’ve become writing companions taking turns choosing cafes. We get out of our condos, finding cafes with excellent coffee to just sit and write with silently, or ask for input, edit each other’s work, or just catch up regularly. There’s a great comfort in having a circle of writing companions, that you can rely on for whatever you need, even if it’s having an audience of one.

I start off our blog strangely not with a review of a cafe but a teahouse. I’ve sampled many places to have high tea in Vancouver, BC. High tea is usually a social event, but I can think of nothing more pleasurable than sitting by myself at a beautifully set table, sipping hot tea, editing or writing by hand, perhaps with a fountain pen in a lovely journal, as I nosh my way through micro nibbles in the manner of Jane Austen. Of course, a fascinator can be worn on such occasions, my dears. Please enjoy, https://wrtecup.wordpress.com/2020/02/22/fur-elise-is-not-just-for-the-piano/ and a trio of coffee houses, https://wrtecup.wordpress.com/2020/02/22/unfriendly-on-the-49th-parallel/


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