H * O * M * E

Coffee in the time of COVID-19 at Honolulu Coffee

By Cathalynn Cindy Labonte-Smith

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Welcome to our blog, where Jeff Hortobagyi, myself and guest bloggers share our treasured cafes and teahouses of the world, that we’ve found inspirational and friendly to writers. We run on caffeine, people-watching and eavesdropping. We’re self-proclaimed experts on caffeinated beverages and the places they’re served in.

We met through a professional writing association a long time ago and bonded over a shared passion for mini-golf and whiskey. We take turns choosing cafes. We get out of our condos, find cafes with excellent coffee to sit and write, ask for input, edit each other’s work, and catch up regularly. The COVID-19 pandemic kept us temporarily meeting online, but slowly the coffee shops are reopening and we’re happy to meet up keeping socially distant, of course.

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2 thoughts on “H * O * M * E

    1. Absolutely. Would you like to do a guest blog for us? There are several wonderful coffee shops in Victoria i love. Do you have a blog? I could do a guest blog in exchange.


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