Tea House Review

Spend a Halfday on Broadway

Overall – 5/5 Tea – 5/5  Food – Didn’t try it as it didn’t look appetizing Place – 5/5 

Halfday Tea House and Florist, 895 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC
Phone: 6043369162
Hours: Weekdays : 10:30-5:30 pm Saturday: 11:00-3:00 pm Sunday: closed

By Cathalynn Labonté-Smith © January 22, 2021

Flowers with my tea? Yes, please. The Halfday Tea House and Florist on the corner of West Broadway and Laurel offers an escape for all the senses. A wall of shiny copper tins filled with loose tea flavours, the light floral scent of fresh flowers, a riot of orchids, soft velvet chairs to sink into, hot deeply flavoured tea, and the quiet echos of sound in the light bright open space.

This shop has changed hands a couple of times, but I like what the new owners have done with the interior. They took out a display shelf that darkened the space and made it feel smaller, and changed the palette to lighter and brighter colours. Plus, they added the flower shop at the back. There are fresh flowers in vintage creamers on the tables and needlepoint and other antique inspired art on the walls, for a feminine and fresh atmosphere.

Too many flavours to choose from.

My tea partner, Hiroshi Takahashi, goes for something fruity, a mango tea. I go for my usual an Earl Grey variant called, Royal Earl Grey. The tea leaves are spooned lovingly into bags then steeped into your cup.

The baked goods were mostly bars baked in cardboard boxes, so I passed on the pastries.

The two of us sunk into the overstuffed velvet furniture, with me on the couch and Hiroshi on a chair socially distanced away from me. My view was a jungle of healthy orchids. A lovely garden escape in the winter.

The staff is sweet and patient. The florist was celebrating her birthday and made herself a charming crown of baby’s breath.

Happy birthday to you.

It was a little bit of greenhouse luxury within the bustle of the city, where you can pick up fresh teas and flowers. At Halfday you can spend an hour or more amongst the scent of roses and the play of ribbons working on your novel, or just sitting back and relaxing with your creative thoughts, as you enjoy exotic tea and flowers from all over the globe.

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