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Gas Station Coffee Vs Starbucks Coffee

You can’t write in a gas station, I think, but if you have let me know how you pulled it off. But I admit to having written in plenty of Starbucks. It’s unavoidable. I trip over them as soon as I leave the house. With our proximity to Seattle, being in Vancouver, the green awning virus spread across our border long ago. Tonysbologna has a hilarious take on gas stations vs. Starbucks java.

tonysbologna : Honest. Satirical. Observations

Welcome to my opinion…

The stage is set: It’s 7:00 AM, you’re running five minutes late and you need the elixir of American life, coffee. You careen to a halt as the green light has unexpectedly turned red. Your annoyance slowly rises. Contemplating life you notice a ray of sunlight shattering through the gray clouds. A gas station sits to your left and a Starbucks to your right. It’s as if there’s an Angel and Devil standing on either shoulder. Judgment sinks it’s fangs into your neck. Your next decision about where to go for coffee will either gain my wrath or my sincere appreciation. In full disclosure when given the choice between the two I always choose gas station coffee over Starbucks. At this point I see it as an inkling of pride. Pour yourself a cup of mud, sit back and enjoy my plea for Gas…

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